“The passion of my life is to establish people in God’s Word. It is the way we know God–the very bread by which we live. This is why I am so excited about The Lifetime Scripture Songs by Cassie Byram. If you have children, this is a must, but be forewarned, for it will be in your heart as well. Don’t delay…. get it right away. “

Kay Arthur
Co-founder, Precept Ministries International

“With her music from the Lifetime Scripture Songs, Cassie Byram leads us, almost everyday, into the very Throne-room of God, in beautiful, earnest and reverent worship, through the Word of God. A compelling invitation, Cassie’s sublime voice ushers us into Jesus’ Presence.” Hebrews 4:16 and Ephesians 5:19

Shirley and Pat Boone

“Cassie Byram’s Lifetime Scripture Songs are a gift to us all. Her Sweet Dreams and Wonderfully Made albums provide rock solid footings to be input into young lives. My heart was touched by them; my grandchildren’s hearts will be shaped by them!”

Dr. Jack W. Hayford
Chancellor, The King’s University
Founding Pastor, The Church On The Way, Van Nuys, California

“Sweet Dreams by Cassie Byram is a beautiful way to introduce children to the Word of God while they are at their youngest! The sweetly sung CD with the beautifully designed children’s book is a winning combination sure to become a nightly tradition. Talk about the Ultimate Gift!”

Cheryl McKay
Screenwriter, The Ultimate Gift
Author, Never the Bride & Finally the Bride